1. "Frayed Words"


    by: Jacob Hickey


  2. Manumission" 2014

    19in x 26in    Ink/Graphite

    Jacob Hickey

    Manumission - The act of being freed by slave owner; The act of freeing one’s slaves.


  3. Oil Painting in progress..


  4. "Late Night Dates with the Sun"


  5. "The 4th of My July"


  6. "My Blue Haven"

    The Lithodora Diffusa Heavenly Blue Flower


  7. Seattle Daisies


  8. Untitled


  9. MOHAI



  11. Untitled


  12. retrouvailles de la lumière


  13. "The Depths"


  14. "In My Right Mind"


  15. "Buddies"